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Fewer than 2% are using Android Marshmallow Photo: Google

Fewer than 2 percent of Android devices are running Marshmallow. Photo: Google

It seems there is little that Apple enjoys more than poking Google with a big stick, and the company’s been at it again, reminding everyone that just 2 percent of devices running Android are updated to the latest Marshmallow release.

During its big iPhone and iPad event this morning, Apple trotted out execs to peddle its wares, but the company just couldn’t help taking a swipe at the competition.

Stage fright is back, again!

Stagefright is back, again!

Israeli researchers have created a new exploit that takes advantage of the Stagefright vulnerability found within Android last year, with the concern being that someone could remotely access an infected Android device.

Using the exploit, dubbed “Metaphor,” hackers could seize control of unprotected Android devices when users simply played a malicious video in a web browser. At least in theory.

Robin sports a design that's recognisable, so long as you're not on Sprint or Verizon. Photo: Nextbit

Two major carriers won’t get the instantly recognizable Robin smartphone. Photo: Nextbit

In a move that will come as a surprise to anybody who backed Nextbit’s successful crowdfunding campaign, the company has cancelled the CDMA version of its Robin smartphone.

Nextbit cited its inability to fully understand the costs involved with getting a smartphone onto Verizon’s and Sprint’s CDMA networks, as well as the lengthy approval process that would be required. Nextbit CEO Tom Moss said the company was simply “too optimistic, too bullish” when setting out on its CDMA journey.

PlayStation Video

PlayStation Video comes to Android. Photo: Sony

Android users can get their video from yet another streaming service today, with Sony releasing its PlayStation Video app on the Google Play Store.

Nest's 3rd generation thermostat. Photo: Nest.

Nest’s 3rd generation thermostat. Photo: Nest.

Google-owned Nest is introducing a new feature today which it claims will make its home automation kit better than ever at knowing when you are home and, as a result, enable it to react to your needs by locking or unlocking doors, turning lights on or off and activating or deactivating Nest’s security cameras.

Not only does the update make the company’s thermostat smarter than ever, it’s more accessible too, by adding support for up to ten people via a new family account, that way everyone can enjoy the wonders of living in a nearly autonomous home.

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