Samsung is already working on its iPad Pro competitor


A Galaxy Tab S Pro could be coming to take on Apple’s larger iPad. Photo: Samsung

Apple will announce a larger “iPad Pro” later this year, according to countless reports, and Samsung is already preparing its Android-powered competitor. The device is likely to be a larger addition to the flagship Galaxy Tab S family.

Samsung was this month awarded the “Galaxy Tab S Pro” trademark, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen mentions of this device. Back in January, Samsung rolled out an update for its Milk Music app, and a “Tab S Pro” was among the list of supported devices.

We don’t know much about the device at this point, but aside from a larger display, it’s likely to be similar to the rest of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S lineup — which is also expected to get a refresh in the coming months. Recent reports have claimed the Galaxy Tab S2 will be even thinner than Apple’s iPad Air 2.

Rumored specifications for the new devices include super sharp AMOLED displays, Exynos 5433 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage as standard. They’re also expected to carry 8-megapixel cameras and microSD card slots for storage expansion.

There’s no telling when Samsung will announce the Galaxy Tab S2 family, or indeed if a Galaxy Tab S Pro will be included — but we’re expecting big things from Samsung at the IFA trade show in Berlin in September.