Samsung app update teases new Galaxy Tab S Pro

Is the Galaxy Tab S about to get a big brother? Photo: Samsung

Is the Galaxy Tab S about to get a big brother? Photo: Samsung

Samsung tablet fans could be in for a treat this year with a super-sized version of the company’s Galaxy Tab S seemingly on the horizon.

An Galaxy Tab S Pro has been spotted in Samsung’s own update notes for the latest release of the Milk Music app, hinting at the impending release of a Super AMOLED slate with a display likely more than 12 inches in size.

What sets Samsung’s existing S Tab apart from its other tablets — and many third-party rivals, in fact — is its stunning Super AMOLED display. Coupled with a slim design and excellent specifications, it makes for flagship slate you can’t help but be wowed by.

As things stand, the Galaxy Tab S is available only in 8.4- and 10.5-inch variants, but that could soon change; SamMobile has spotted a mention of an unreleased Galaxy Tab Pro S in the release notes for Samsung’s own Milk Music.

This shouldn't be here. Screenshot: SamMobile

This shouldn’t be here. Screenshot: SamMobile

This doesn’t confirm anything, of course, but Samsung has leaked unreleased products like this before. Plus, the device appears alongside the existing Galaxy Tab S in a list of supported devices, so it’s not like someone accidentally added the word “Pro” to the regular model.

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner, the Galaxy S6 may not be the only Samsung device on your wish list this March.