LG’s new G4 won’t appear at MWC, but the Galaxy S6 will

You may have to wait until May for the LG G4. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

You may have to wait until May for the LG G4. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

There won’t be a shortage of smartphone unveilings at Mobile World Congress in early March, but you can cross LG’s new G4 off your wishlist right away. A company executive has confirmed that the device will not be unveiled at the event, but sources familiar with Samsung’s plans say we will get the Galaxy S6 instead.

LG has already announced one flagship smartphone this year, but fans who prefer their handsets to be flat are itching to see what the company’s next-generation G has in store for them. Last year’s model kicked off a new onslaught of handsets with super-sharp Quad HD displays, and introduced LG’s fancy laser-autofocus camera.

But we shouldn’t expect to see the G4 anytime soon. One unnamed company executive has reportedly told Korean news outlet Chosun that LG is still “perfecting the new phone,” and hinted that it would appear around May, when its predecessor celebrates its first birthday.

Don’t be too disappointed, though, because Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will be at Mobile World Congress, according to sources.

“The company has developed multiple prototypes of the Galaxy S6 but has yet to decide which one to go with,” Chosun reports. “One staffer with a subcontractor said the phone will have a casing in a metallic material but Samsung is weighing several options for the details.”

Other reports have claimed the Galaxy S6 will have a glass front and back, and metallic frame that will hold it all together — much like Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Whatever the case may be, we can expect big things from the Galaxy S6 this year as Samsung looks to refresh its best-selling smartphone series amid falling sales for last year’s Galaxy S5.

HTC will also be attending MWC, and it has already issued invitations for an event on March 1, when it will announce the One M9. It’s thought Sony may also unveil its new Xperia Z4 around the same time.