Curve is key in LG’s swanky intro video for the G Flex 2

Curvy is cool with the G Flex 2. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Curvy is cool with the G Flex 2. Screenshot: Cult of Android

By now you’ve probably already heard about LG’s awesome new G Flex 2, which was announced at CES in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. But just in case it slipped under your radar, LG has today released the handset’s first introduction video, which¬†highlights its stunning curved display and self-healing back panel.

LG’s original G Flex was one of the first Android-powered smartphones with a curved display, and it was very well-received at the time — thanks to its unique design and impressive specifications. The only problem is, LG made the handset far too expensive for even flagship smartphone shoppers, and so it wasn’t as big as it could have been.

But LG will be hoping the G Flex 2 makes up for it. The new handset is almost exactly the same shape as its predecessor, and it maintains its best features — all of which are highlighted in the G Flex 2’s first introduction video below.

I’m not normally a big fan of smartphones make out of flimsy plastic, but it’s excusable with the G Flex 2. After all, if it wasn’t for that plastic, the handset wouldn’t return to its original shape after you bent it¬†— it would just be ruined, like the iPhone 6 Plus — and it wouldn’t heal itself when you scratched it.