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While Apple will likely be credited for making sapphire smartphone displays popular with the iPhone 6 later this year, it certainly isn’t the first cellphone maker to have used these super sturdy screens. In fact, we could just see a sapphire-screened smartphone from Kyocera before the next iPhone makes its debut.

The leaked image above shows the new Kyocera Brigadier, a new handset that’s said to be en route to Verizon.


Motorola has begun rolling out its Android 4.4.4 KitKat update for the Verizon Moto X and Moto G. The release contains the latest security fixes from Google — as well improvements to camera image quality and the ability to pause video recordings. It will almost certainly be the last these handsets get before Android L.



Why change a winning formula? That seems to be the question HTC asked itself when planning its next Windows Phone offering, which is said to be almost identical to the One M8 but without Android, according to new reports. It even has almost exactly the same name, but instead of being labeled just the “One M8,” it’s the “One M8 with Windows.”


When you buy an Android smartphone on contract in the U.S., it comes with a whole bunch of pre-installed applications, many of which you’ll never use. If that wasn’t frustrating enough by itself, carriers also prevent the apps from being removed, so they’re always there in your app drawer, making things look messy and taking up storage space.

But for Verizon customers, that could be about to change.


When Android L gets its public release this fall, Google will kill off the Dalvik runtime that has traditionally been the default for its popular platform and switch over to ART. Most modern devices already allow you to make this change yourself — but not all are completely ART-compatible just yet.

For instance, ART should be avoided on the LG G3, unless you don’t mind breaking things.

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