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When Android L gets its public release this fall, Google will kill off the Dalvik runtime that has traditionally been the default for its popular platform and switch over to ART. Most modern devices already allow you to make this change yourself — but not all are completely ART-compatible just yet.

For instance, ART should be avoided on the LG G3, unless you don’t mind breaking things.


Don’t worry, would-be LG G3 owners; Verizon did not make the handset’s battery non-removable as many previously feared. A spokesman for Big Red published an image on Twitter that confirms users can indeed get into the back of LG’s latest flagship and replace its battery as and when required.



Verizon has finally begun accepting pre-orders for the LG G3, more than a month after the device got its official unveiling. Customers will pay a $99.99 upfront fee when they take out a new two-year contract, and orders will begin shipping by Thursday, July 17.


LG has a new smartphone up its sleeve that combines a super-sized display with midrange specifications. The 5.7-inch device, dubbed the G Vista, is headed for Verizon Wireless with a Snapdragon 400 processor, an 8-megapixel camera, and LG’s latest Android software.


Following the announcement of bringing its miniature flagship — the Z1 Compact — to the United States, Sony has also announced that its latest flagship tablet — the Xperia Z2 Tablet — will soon be landing exclusively on Verizon.

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