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Lollipop is coming to HTC's Google Play Edition handsets. Photo: HTC

Lollipop is coming to HTC’s Google Play Edition handsets… at some point. Photo: HTC

HTC’s Lollipop updates for the Google Play Edition One M8 and One M7 has been delayed again. The software was initially scheduled to land early this week, then the release was pushed back to today — but HTC is still awaiting Google’s approval.


Today’s App of the Week, Talon for Twitter, made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store earlier this year, on Monday, January 13, and the elegant, fluid and feature-packed third-party client instantly took the entire Android user base by storm —  so, as a result, we’ve decided to give the app its very own review here on Cult of Android.


Fenix, my favorite Twitter client for Android, just got a nice update that adds a number of nifty new features and improvements — including a floating compose button and a cleaner, more compact tweet layout. More importantly, it’s now on sale for a limited time, so if you haven’t already downloaded it, now’s a great time to change that.


BlackBerry users have been warned that calling the emergency services will not charge their phone battery after some were fooled by bogus information that was circulated online. British Police have reminded users that unnecessary calls waste resources and could put lives in danger.


Amazon has released its first commercial for the Fire Phone, and it’s focused on the free 12-month Prime subscription that comes bundled with it. There’s also a brief mention of some of the apps that will be available for the device at launch, including Skype, Twitter, and Minecraft.

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