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BlackBerry users have been warned that calling the emergency services will not charge their phone battery after some were fooled by bogus information that was circulated online. British Police have reminded users that unnecessary calls waste resources and could put lives in danger.


Amazon has released its first commercial for the Fire Phone, and it’s focused on the free 12-month Prime subscription that comes bundled with it. There’s also a brief mention of some of the apps that will be available for the device at launch, including Skype, Twitter, and Minecraft.


Fenix, the best third-party Twitter client for Android, has returned to Google Play after regaining its ability to upload tweets. The app had to be pulled on Monday after Twitter randomly began blocking its ability to post new tweets, but the issue has finally been restored and Fenix has been republished.


Fenix, Android’s best third-party Twitter client, has been removed from Google Play after Twitter began blocking tweets uploaded from the app over the weekend. Developer Matteo Villa promises to republish Fenix as soon as the problem is resolved, but it’s currently unclear why Twitter has an issue with his app.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 08.53.48

Possibly the best and most-functional Twitter client, Talon, acquired a rather unexpected update earlier today bringing it in line with the latest design and aesthetic guidelines introduced at Google I/O alongside Android L last week.

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