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Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Google has published a pair of new ads on YouTube that remind us how awesomely powerful its “Ok Google” search function is on Android. The simple yet meaningful clips demonstrate how the feature is used every day to quickly access all kinds of information.


Swing Copters, the new (and immensely difficult) mobile game from Flappy Bird creator .GEARS Studios, is now top in Play Store search rankings after Google cleared out a surprisingly long list of clones. Literally hundreds of them littered the Play Store on Thursday, making the original hard to find without a direct link.

multilang (1)

Google voice search on Android now has the ability to detect up to five different languages in just one search. Designed to help people who speak more than one language, it allows you ask one question in Spanish and another in French, and it will automatically understand both requests.


Google is in the process of quietly rolling out a server-side update for its official Search application via the Play Store. Once updated, users will be able to receive train and bus reminders from their Gmail reservations. They will also notice that flight cards now produce information about alternative travel measures when delays occur.

music_search_screenshot (1)

Google made a nice improvement to search on Android this week that’s going to be a big hit with music lovers. When looking for bands or artists, Google Search will now present users with handy links to their music apps.

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