Google Photos update brings better search, customizable movies

Google Photos

If you’re still not using Photos, you’re missing out. Photo: Google

Google is rolling out a major Photos update that adds a greater search experience, and the ability to customize movies that were created automatically. The release also makes it possible to rename, create, and delete folders on microSD cards.

Google Photos is slowly but surely become the best photo service on Android and iOS. Not only does it offer unlimited photo backups for free, but it offers a whole host of amazing features you don’t find in other apps — and they just keep getting better.

One of those is the built-in assistant, which automatically creates collages and movies using your latest uploads. With the latest update, those movies are now customizable, so you can replace the soundtrack Photos chose with another, and add extra photos and videos.

Photos also gives you greater control over images stored on SD cards now, too. You can create, rename, and delete folders — as well as copy and move photos from one to another.

Finally, Google has somewhat surprisingly removed the floating action button it has been bringing to all of its Android apps and replaced it with a search bar. This lets you find photos in just a tap, and shows you faces, places, and more.

This Photos update is rolling out now on Android with the version 1.19 build number, and will be available “soon” on iOS.