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Feed off your Android when there's no Wi-Fi. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Feed off your Android when there’s no Wi-Fi. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Apple makes it easy for iPhone users to share their data with their Mac, but it’s not quite as simple for those of us with an Android. Thankfully, there’s now a handy third-party Mac hack called HoRNDIS that makes it incredibly easy to share your Android’s data connection over USB.

Samsung Flow is now available in beta. Photo: Samsung

Samsung Flow is now available in beta. Photo: Samsung

Samsung Flow, the South Korean company’s answer to Handoff, is now available in beta following its official unveiling at the Samsung Developer Conference last November. If you have a modern Galaxy device, you should be able to try it out, but don’t expect it to be exactly like Apple’s offering.


Google today rolled out a new Chrome beta for OS X — officially dubbed Chrome Canary — which finally takes advantage of the 64-bit processors built into the latest Macs. The change should mean better performance when browsing the web, but it isn’t quite ready to become your daily driver just yet.


When Android launched Ice Cream Sandwich back in October 2011 it was very unattractive, muddled and disorganized, but Google has never stopped dabbling with Android’s design and now it has evolved into a significantly cleaner, more subtle operating system. However, it looks like the search engine giant isn’t done just yet.


When I think about buying a new computer, my first concern is whether I want Windows or OS X. I almost always choose the latter, but a number of PC manufacturers are hoping to turn more and more of us onto Android instead.

We’ve seen Android-powered notebooks and desktops from the likes of Acer and Asus, and now HP looks set to continue the trend with the Slatebook 14 — a new laptop powered solely by the world’s biggest mobile operating system.

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