Google Chrome update will bring Material Design to desktops

Material Design is coming. Photo: Google

Material Design is coming. Photo: Google

Android’s Material Design specĀ is coming to your desktop. With an upcoming Chrome update, Google will introduce a brand new look that will be immediately familiar to those who regularly use the company’s mobile apps — and we can’t wait.

Chrome for desktops looks a little long in the tooth in comparison with its mobile counterpart, but Google has been working for over a year to deliver a flatter, more attractive look based on its Material Design guidelines for Android. Now it is close to delivering it.

With Chrome version 50 (we’re on version 49 now), that new look will finally be available to all. Almost every element of the browser has been redesigned, and although it’s not world’s away from the look we’ve been enjoying for years, it’s definitely a vast improvement.

You can see some of the changes in the gallery below.

You can already try out this new look in the latest Chrome beta release using some special flags. Some things still don’t work as intended, however, so don’t expect it to be anywhere near as stable as the final Chrome release you’re using now.

Given the number of creases Google still needs to iron out, we could be waiting for Chrome 50 for a little while — but this is proof Material Design is coming to your desktop soon.