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Lenovo TAB A10

Lenovo has just announced four new budget ranged Android tablets with pricing starting from¬†¬£99.99 or $166. The lineup consists of two 7 inch tablets, an 8 inch model and a 10.1 inch display variant, so there’s quite a lot of variety on offer.


A new report out of Taiwan suggests that Chinese manufacturer Lenovo could soon become the next big thing in the Android industry. It is said that the company is on its way to overtake LG to claim the No. 2 spot as the leading Android smartphone manufacturer. The sources credit the acquisition of Motorola Mobility for the expected surge in marketshare.

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 10 HD+

Lenovo has just announced three budget smartphones along with the all-new 10 inch YOGA tablet during the MWC in Barcelona earlier today. The budget handsets go by the model numbers S660, S850, and the S860. You can find the complete hardware specifications of the three handsets below:


Google has today confirmed in a regulatory filing that it has completed its $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs, the smart home thermostat company founded by Apple’s former iPod chief, Tony Fadell.


Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Voxox, looks pretty happy. Photo: Voxox.

Voxox, a VoIP company with feature-packed iOS and Android apps, today gobbled up Israeli-based PokeTALK, a competitor with a similar main focus: cheap long-distance calling.

Over the next three months, PokeTALK’s service will be phased out as Voxox absorbs PokeTALK’s weighty, 600,000-strong user base (the company will toss users a bone in the form of 100 free minutes if users stick with Voxox).

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