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Worth fighting for? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Worth fighting for? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma, took fanboyism to a whole new extreme after stabbing each other with broken beer bottles during an iPhone vs. Android debate.

A FaceTime notification on Android Wear. Photo: The Verge

A FaceTime notification on Android Wear. Photo: The Verge

We’ve been patiently waiting for Google to make Android Wear watches compatible with the iPhone, and according to a source in Google’s development team, the search giant is now closer than ever to marrying the unlikely duo.


Gentlemen, start your engines. Photo: Android GameE

Speed isn’t the only reason to buy a smartphone, but it’s certainly interesting to see how Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 stacks up against Apple’s bestselling iPhone 6.

Thanks to YouTube user Android GameE, we have our first speed test of what, undoubtedly, will be many. Given the fact that Apple’s latest iPhone has been the most successful in the company’s history, while Samsung is banking on its S6 to turn around its ailing mobile division, it certainly makes for interesting viewing.

Who wins? Check out the video below.

Photo: Cult of Android

Thinking of making a change? Photo: Cult of Android

Apple’s selling more iPhones than at any point in its history, but that doesn’t mean it’s not looking to grow its user base even more.

To achieve this, the company today launched its new smartphone trade-in program at brick-and-mortar Apple Stores — allowing owners of selected Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone handsets to swap their existing devices for credit that can be used toward buying an iPhone.

No. Just no. Photo:

No. Just no. Photo: Jia Yuenting

Whether it’s arguing over market share vs. profit margins, or Google Now vs. Siri, the war between Android and iOS users can sometimes can a bit heated.

But up until today, no matter how anti-Apple the crowd, I’ve never heard anyone stoop to compare Tim Cook’s company to Adolf Hitler, the mass-murdering Nazi Party leader.

That’s all changed now, however, as a new ad from Chinese Internet video site service, Jia Yueting, is drawing on the massively offensive parallel to promote its new Android smartphone.

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