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The One M9 looks just like the One M8 at first glance. Photo: HTC

The One M9 looks just like the One M8 at first glance. Photo: HTC

HTC’s decision not to make more significant design changes to its new One M9 has been met with criticism from fans and critics, but it wasn’t just a lazy move to cut costs.

The Taiwanese company has explained that it wants all One-series smartphones to look familiar so that consumers know exactly what they are from afar. HTC wants a smartphone as recognizable as the iPhone.


HTC is going virtual. Photo: HTC

The One M9 isn’t the only exciting new product HTC has to show off in Barcelona today. The Taiwanese company also announced Vive, a new standalone virtual reality headset developed in partnership with Valve that wants to change the way you game — and more.


Meet the HTC One M9. Photo: HTC

HTC has provided us with an exciting start to Mobile World Congress 2015 by announcing its new One M9.

The device sports a familiar design, but it’s packing some huge improvements under the hood, including better BoomSound speakers, a faster processor, and a welcome 20-megapixel rear-facing camera.

The One M9 is coming. Photo: HTC

The One M9 is coming. Photo: HTC

HTC will unveil the One M9 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in less than an hour, and you can watch the whole event live right here.

"Get your hands on a bigger boom." Photo: HTC

“Get your hands on a bigger boom.” Photo: HTC

HTC’s BoomSound speakers are already the best smartphone speakers you can get — by far. But the Taiwanese company promises it’ll deliver an even “bigger boom” with the One M9, which makes its debut at Mobile World Congress next week.

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