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The Google Play store has all but run out of Nexus 7 tablets, rekindling rumors that a brand new successor made by HTC could be right around the corner. “We are out of inventory,” a notice reads, without giving customers any indication when new stock might be available to order.


Some smartphones will try to kill you if you smother them with your pillow while you sleep, but others will save your life in a gunfight. That’s what happened when one Chinese man’s massive Samsung Galaxy Mega phablet stopped a bullet that was fired at his chest.


HTC today announced its first water-resistant smartphone in Japan. It’s a successor to the J Butterfly, and in some ways, it’s a lot like the flagship One M8. It’s made out of plastic rather than aluminum, however, and there are some component changes underneath the hood.


Samsung has confirmed that it will launch a smartphone made from “new materials” within the next six months to counter increased competition. The announcement comes a day after sources revealed Samsung’s plan to launch the Galaxy Alpha, a device made out of metal, just next week.


Samsung’s first metal smartphone won’t be an even better version of the Galaxy S5 with a faster processor and a sharper display, according to a new report. Instead, it will be the Galaxy Alpha, a brand new handset that will combine a more premium form factor with midrange specifications when it makes its debut on August 4.

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