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Photo: Killian Bell

Photo: Killian Bell

Just like one of The Avengers — where bickering superheroes team up to fight a far more oppressive evil — Apple and Android fans on reddit have united forces to boycott what they see as the unethical blocking of NFC payment systems by a number of different retailers, affecting users of both Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

The reason for this blocking of the NFC service is that the retailers in question — including Gap, Old Navy, 7-Eleven, Sears, Kmart and others — are part of an organization called Merchant Customer Exchange, which uses its own payment system called CurrentC.


Google Wallet is coming to Google Glass, and it’s going to be the coolest way to send money to your friends.

According to sources familiar with Google’s plans, the new app is already being tested internally, and it’s expected to make its way to all Glass users in the near future. When it does, they’ll be able to pay friends simply by telling their specs to “send money.”


Google has officially announced that it will discontinue support for its Wallet Tap & Pay service on all devices running versions of the Android operating system below KitKat 4.4, starting Monday, April 14, 2014.


Google is about to roll out an update for its official Wallet app on the Play Store. This upgrade is set to bring several improvements to the user interface, a swanky new feature that allows users to track and manage packages, in addition to the usual multitude of bug fixes and speed optimizations.


Google has just launched its Google Play gift cards in Canada, as it continues to expand its worldwide availability. Canada will have gift cards in $15, $25 and $50 (CAD) denominations with the Play Store account limit remaining at $2000.

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