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Photo: Google

Photo: Google

Four months after it first made its debut in the U.S., the Nexus 6 will finally be available from Verizon tomorrow, March 12. You’ll have to buy the device online initially, but it will also be available in Verizon stores starting March 19.

Music Key could be the best music streaming service yet. Photo: YouTube

Music Key could be the best music streaming service yet. Photo: YouTube

The YouTube music streaming service you’ve been hearing about for months is finally here. It’s called YouTube Music Key, and it lets subscribers stream and save high-quality music and music videos on the web and on Android and iOS devices. For now, however, you’ll need an invite to use it.


Google Play Music All Access subscribers can now search public playlists again. The latest app update reinstates the feature after it first made its debut — and was then promptly pulled — back in August.


Earlier today, Google launched its Google Play Music All Access streaming service in Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua. However, there have been some reports suggesting that the service is not yet live in all nine countries.


Google Play Music for Android is getting a nice new update this week that adds a new widget for instant access to your “I’m feeling lucky” mix. This release also makes improvements to the app’s existing widget by introducing a new design and finally making it resizable.

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