YouTube Music rocks out on Android and iOS

Yes, Google has another music streaming service. Photo: Google

Yes, Google has another music streaming service. Photo: Google

YouTube Music has arrived on Android and iOS, and it promises to make it easier than ever to discover new music on YouTube. Simply hit play and enjoy an endless journey through the platform’s entire music catalog, or check out YouTube’s recommendations based on your listening habits.

YouTube Music doesn’t replace Google Play Music or the new YouTube Red service; it works alongside them to provide music fans with “a completely new type of experience” that takes advantage of the billions of music videos hosted by YouTube.

“No matter where you start in the app, the music will never stop,” Google says. “Every song you play or artist you choose will take you on an endless journey through YouTube’s music catalog. A simple tap and you’re on your way, enjoying your favorite music and discovering new artists effortlessly.”

Not only will YouTube Music show you original music videos, but also remixes, covers, lyric videos, and concert footage. What’s more, you can watch these as videos, or listen to the audio only, so you can slip your smartphone back in your pocket and continue listening while you go about your day.

YouTube Music will also recommend tracks for you, create personalized stations based on your tastes, and allow you to save songs locally for offline listening.

Some of YouTube Music’s features are free and ad-supported, but you can “amplify your experience” and remove those ads with a YouTube Red membership — which also includes access to Play Music. But before you sign up, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial to get you started.

Download YouTube Music on Android and iOS now.