Google Play Music deal will bolster your music collection on the cheap

Google Play Music is offering free and discounted albums right now. Photo: Google

Google is currently offering not one, not two, but three full albums for free with a further 19 albums also on offer for a paltry $0.99.

Available to download via Google Play Music, the free and heavily discounted albums are yours to keep once you have added them to your account and should contain enough music to keep you entertained for a good number of hours, no matter your musical tastes.

The three albums currently on offer completely gratis are:

If those don’t get your hips swinging, then consider that the following 19 albums will cost you just $0.99 each – a bargain even if you only listen to each album once!

As unfortunately tends to be the case with these things, it appears that these deals are only available to users of Google Play Music in the United States, so international readers are out of luck. Sorry about that.

But hey, you get the best food and real football, so it’s not all bad!