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Advanced camera mode, wide angle mode, video effects, and photo sphere live wallpapers are just some of the features buried inside the code for Google’s new Camera app for Android. While currently inactive, the features should be made available in future updates.

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Following a fortnight of rumors and speculation, Google has now uploaded it’s official Camera application to the Play Store, much to our surprise we’re seeing a completely redesigned user interface, along with an array of new effects, high resolution panoramas and a nifty 100% viewfinder.


The 8MP Optically Stabilised Camera (OIS) on the Nexus 5 can produce some stunning shots but is let down by the terrible Camera app. The Google Camera app barely provides users with any manual control and is a pain to use with its unintuitive UI.

Taking things into his own hands developer Jishnu Sur has managed to port the Camera app of the LG G2 to the Nexus 5.


Its lackluster 3-megapixel camera means the Nokia X will never be considered a point-and-shoot killer like Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphones are — but that doesn’t mean Nokia neglected its camera software. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The affordable handset has a pretty snazzy camera app, and you can now try it out for yourself on your existing Android smartphone.


The new Galaxy S5 boasts a ton of fancy new features, but one of the things Samsung has been pushing most since the handset was unveiled back in February is its built-in heart rate sensor. But just how revolutionary is that new sensor?

Well, as it turns out, not very. In fact, based on the hands-on video below, you can get the same results using your smartphone’s camera and LED flash with an app like Heart Rate Monitor from Runtastic.

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