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We’ve all experienced the frustration of searching around for an electrical outlet to charge a dying device, only to realize that your short charging cable can’t reach far enough. It’s annoying, and it sucks. But with this handy 6-foot long, MFi-Certified charging cable, this scenario becomes a thing of the past.

Compatible with both Android, iOS, and other platforms — with both Lightning and micro USB connections — this cable has you covered no matter where you are or what you need to charge. And for a limited time only, you can get 50% off its regular price tag through Cult of Android Deals.

One-Plus-2-cable-6 (2)

OnePlus 2’s new USB-C cable. Photo: OnePlus

The new OnePlus 2 is the first Android-powered smartphone to adopt USB-C technology, which means all those micro-USB cables you have stuffed in a drawer somewhere aren’t going to work with it.

You’ll get a USB-C cable with your OnePlus 2, of course, and OnePlus says you’ll be able to buy more separately for “about $5.”


Don’t you just hate tangled wires? These flexible and twistable micro USB cables, featuring soft yet protective jackets to guard cable and connector housings, are far more resilient than your average charging cable — and they’ll never tangle. And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get three for just $13.99 — down from $42 — for a limited time.

Tearing down the OnePlus One. Photo: vantt1

Tearing down the OnePlus One. Photo: vantt1

OnePlus promised to fix the One’s frustrating touchscreen issues for good with its latest CM11S software update, and yet lots of users are still taking to its forum to complain about the problem. According to one user, that’s because the issue has nothing to do with buggy software, but rather the way in which the handset has been put together.


We all want better battery life for our smartphones, but until handset manufacturers begin adopting new energy technologies, we simply have to accept the boundaries that are imposed by today’s lithium-ion batteries. We can make our lives a little easier, however, by ensuring we always have a cable at the ready when our smartphones give up on us.

And what better way to do that than with the ChargeKey, a handy, pocket-sized micro USB cable that hangs off your keychain. For a limited time only, it’s just $24.99 thanks to Cult of Android Deals.

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