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The aftermath. Photo: S-blade/Reddit

The aftermath. Photo: S-blade/Reddit

Like a lot of smartphones, the LG G3 gets pretty warm under heavy use — that’s just normal. What isn’t normal is spontaneous combustion, which is exactly what happened to one G3 before it burned a phone-shaped hole right through its owner’s mattress.

Android L on the Nexus 5. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Android L on the Nexus 5. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Still wondering where the Android 5.0 upgrade is for your Nexus 5? It may have been held up by a pretty serious Wi-Fi bug that was causing abnormal battery drain, according to a report on the Google issue tracker. Some testers have found that their handsets were dying after just a few hours of use.


The original Moto X. Photo: Motorola

In just a couple of days from now, Motorola will be unveiling the successor to the Moto X, which was widely regarded by many as one of the best phones to launch last year.

Even though the original Moto X did not sport beastly specs or a great camera, it provided quite a lot of unique features which greatly enhanced its usability.


Researchers at Stamford University have developed new lithium-ion batteries that could triple the battery life of future smartphones. The new batteries have higher energy storage density than existing lithium-ion packs, allowing them to pack as much as three times more power inside the same space.


If you’re flying into or out of the United Kingdom, you’d better make sure your Android or iOS handset is fully charged. With the U.S. government recently announcing that all airline passengers with personal electronics devices will now be required to turn them on to prove that they work, the U.K.’s Department for Transport has announced that the same rules will now apply in the United Kingdom.

The new ruling follows reports that terrorists may be able to use phones and electronic devices as a conveyor of explosives that can get around current security checks.

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