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If you find yourself constantly looking for a power outlet to top up your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the go, you need a portable battery pack.

The Innori Portable Battery Pack will fuel your gadgets time and time again with its impressive 22,400mAh of power, and trio of USB outlets for simultaneous charging. It’s stylish and incredibly useful, and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get it with 43% off for a limited time.


Power up your gadgets in the most unexpected places with the extremely compact SolarJuice battery pack, which packs 10,000mAh of power into a pocket-sized package you can take anywhere.

SolarJuice charges up at home like your average battery pack, but also lets you add extra juice on-the-go using its built-in solar panel — so you’ll never be left unplugged from the digital world. And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can save 47% for a limited time.

Inside the Galaxy S6. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Inside the Galaxy S6. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Samsung has already made it clear that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have a removable battery like its predecessors, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be replaced at all. The 17-minute teardown video below proves it is possible to get under the handset’s hood to its internals.


Don’t let your gadgets and mobile devices give up on you before your next camping trip is over. With the incredible ZeroLemon SolarJuice battery, you get a whopping 20,000mAh of power in a solar-powered, rain-resistant, shock-proof package.

And for a limited time only, thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s just $49.99 — 50% off.


If you rely on your smartphone and other mobile devices, the last thing you want to see before the end of your day is a low battery warning. But if you slip a TravelCard into your wallet, you have 1,500mAh of extra juice that’ll top up your devices when you need it most.

And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get yours for just $29 for a limited time.

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