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HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is only available in the U.S, UK and HTC’s home region of Taiwan at the moment. The company has now announced that the rest of the Asian markets will get the new HTC flagship starting from May with the exception of Singapore, where the handset will launch this weekend on the 5th of April.

KitKat 10

Samsung is currently rolling out the much-anticipated Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to all International models of its former flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, located in parts of Asia and Europe including Poland, Malaysia and the Philippines. This rather hefty upgrade is a fairly major bump up from Android 4.3, bringing support for the Galaxy Gear, together with the usual multitude of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.


Yesterday, Samsung unveiled the successor to its relatively popular 2013 mid-range Android smartphone, the Galaxy Core. Sporting the name ‘Galaxy Core LTE’, the follow-up handset, like its predecessor, isn’t exactly what you’d call an impressive device, but it’s still pretty snappy and has more enough power to get you through the day on a single charge.


HTC’s latest flagship phone, the HTC One, has proven to be a big success so far, with 5 million units sold since it launched back in March. However, some way that the HTC One could have done better if it had support for a microSD card.

Now HTC has explained the reason behind its decision to leave microSD card slots out of its U.S. and U.K. versions of the HTC One.


The HTC Butterfly — also known as the J Butterfly in Japan and the Droid DNA in the U.S. — was one of the first smartphones to offer a 1080p display, kickstarting a new generation of full high-definition handsets. And according to HTC marketing chief Benjamin Ho, the handset will get a successor “to meet consumer demand.”

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