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EE, the U.K.’s current largest 4G network, has announced that it has recently expanded its rapidly-growing LTE service to cover an additional 12 towns in the United Kingdom. This expansion was disclosed in a press release on the operators website, in which EE claims its 4G service now covers more than 80% of the U.K’s population.


EE launched back in July 2010, under the name Everything Everywhere, which the management team quickly decided to shorten to EE in September 2012. EE thrives on providing super fast 4G LTE internet to customers based in the UK, and now, starting today, its announced its first data roaming tariffs in France and Spain.


Three U.K. has confirmed that all customers have now been switched to a 4G tariff, allowing them to connect to LTE networks where available at no extra cost. Three’s LTE coverage now spans 36 towns and cities across Britain, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool.


Google is currently in the process of pushing out a relatively minor over-the-air maintenance update to all LTE-enabled variants of the Nexus 7 located in the United States. Sadly, this upgrade doesn’t bring any major software modifications, but it does include support for Verizon’s super-fast 4G LTE network — just pop your Verizon SIM in, add the device to your plan for an additional $10 per month and you’ll be good to go.


Tesco Mobile has today announced that it is giving all contract customers in the U.K. 4G LTE services at no extra cost. They will continue to pay the same price they’ve been paying for 3G, but they’ll get significantly faster speeds in 4G areas throughout the country.

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