AT&T increases unlimited data cap to 22GB

AT&T being generous? What?!

AT&T being generous? What?!

AT&T is increasing its data cap to 22GB for customers who are still grandfathered into unlimited data plans. This is more than four times the 5GB cap previously offered to LTE subscribers, and more than seven times the 3GB cap offered to 3G subscribers.

This move means that if you have an unlimited data plan with AT&T, you won’t be throttled until you’ve used 22GB of data within a single billion period; you will enjoy the same speedy data connection you would normally expect until you hit that cap.

“Network management practices have continued to evolve over time to benefit our customers and take advantage of the billions we have spent to expand and augment our networks,” AT&T explained in its press release today.

“As a result of this evolution, we recently revised our practices such that Unlimited Data Plan smartphone customers can now use 22GB of high-speed data during a billing period before becoming subject to network management practices that might result in reduced data speeds and increased latency.”

This change comes almost a year after AT&T was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptively throttling data speeds of at least 3.5 million customers over 25 million times.