iOS is generally considered more stable and more secure than Android, but boy how the tables have turned.

According to new data, the failure rate of Apple’s platform rose significantly during the second quarter of 2016, making it more unstable than Google’s for the first time ever.


Samsung has finally begun beta testing a Gear Manager app for iOS that will allow its Gear smartwatches to communicate with the iPhone. The test, which will conclude on September 19, hints that a public launch is now close.


A brand new operating system with a colorful name is currently under development at Google, according to a new project page found on GitHub.

Google hasn’t officially acknowledged that it’s working on the project, but the new operating system could possibly replace Chrome OS and Android by being able to run on pretty much everything.


Ripping off Apple’s iconic designs is one thing, but Samsung just took its copying to a whole new level of stupid by trying to patent the Apple Watch.

Its new filing for a “Wearable Device” uses not one but many sketches of Apple’s popular smartwatch, complete with digital crown and all the same straps.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 ships with its latest TouchWiz software, which finally includes a blue light filter. The feature was obviously inspired by Night Shift mode, which Apple introduced to iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3 back in March.

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