On paper, the Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One (M8) sport relatively the same specs. The S5 does sport a slightly faster Snapdragon 801 chipset — 2.5GHz vs. 2.3GHz on the One — but that difference is barely noticeable in real life.

Well, as it turns out, Samsung did not really pay much attention to optimising its TouchWiz skin for the hardware on the Galaxy S5 and the device is actually slower than the One (M8) in certain day-to-day tasks. 

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This week’s App of The Week is Dashlane Password Manager.

If you’re a frequent internet user, I’m pretty sure you have a large amount of personal accounts that are not as secure as they could be, some notably due to the catastrophic Heartbleed bug that took the web by storm last week. There are tons of applications available on the Play Store that attempt to help you manage your accounts and claim to make them as impenetrable as possible, but you’ll find not many of them are as protected as they profess to be. But here’s an application that’s really worth your attention — it’s called Dashlane Password Manager.


Yesterday, thanks to some leaked press renders, we got our first glimpse at OnePlus One final design and its StyleSwap covers. Now, a staff of the OnePlus team has posted some screenshots of the flavoured version of CyanogenMod that the handset would be running.


For its price, Amazon’s Kindle Fire range of tablets provide a great bang for buck. Sadly, they ship with a locked down bootloader and Amazon’s own Fire OS that lacks the usual Google Play suite of apps and services. The locked down bootloader means that it can take developers quite a while to get stable custom ROMs up and running on them.

Case in point being Amazon’s 2012 line-up of Fire HD 7-inch and 8.9-inch tablets that have finally received official CyanogenMod 11 nightlies. 


Today’s free wallpaper, Android Surfin’, shows that Andy the Droid has a different take on surfing this Easter weekend by leaving the web behind and hitting the waves. 

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