Samsung’s new monstrous Galaxy Note 7 devices have barely made it into the wild but early reports of the phones exploding may have caused the company to delay shipments.

In a statement to news outlets today, Samsung said has delayed shipments to do product quality tests, however local reports from South Korea reveal the company is investigating whether the device is prone to spontaneously burst into flames.


Fitness trackers are a leaky haven of data for hackers, according to a new study that found if you want a device with a high security rating, you better buy an Apple Watch.


The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is planning to tell Android to stand down.

Charged with overseeing the Army’s elite special forces operations, the command is reportedly making a switch to iPhone because Android is unstable compared to iOS.

iPhone SE with Galaxy S7

iPhone SE couldn’t stop a Samsung takeover. Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Android

Glowing reviews for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have been translated into stellar sales for Samsung.

The South Korean company’s latest handsets have been so successful this year that they’ve helped itĀ overtake Apple to become number one smartphone maker in the U.S.

Lumi's founders hope to change the way you consume news. Photo: Lumi

Lumi’s founders hope to change the way you consume news. Photo: Lumi

The developers behind Lumi, a news curation service and new mobile app, want to change how you discover news. Instead of asking you to pick topics from a long list, like Apple News or Flipboard, Lumi uses magic background algorithms to offer you news stories that actually match your news reading habits.

The service uses Twitter and Facebook to discover your browsing preferences and then presents you with news stories, one at a time, asking you to swipe left (no) or right (yes) like a dating app to help refine what it sends to you. It’s like Tinder for news hounds.

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