Amazon wants to be more involved in movie streaming. Photo: Amazon

Amazon wants an even bigger presence in your living room. Photo: Amazon

Amazon will roll out a new, standalone video streaming service next year that won’t be bundled with a $99 Prime subscription, according to sources familiar with its plans. The retail giant hopes to take on rivals like Netflix and Hulu and undercut their prices in an effort to attract customers.

The Nokia N1 looks just like an iPad mini. Photo: Nokia

The Nokia N1 looks just like an iPad mini. Photo: Nokia

Nokia’s decision to sell its smartphone business to Microsoft and leave Windows Phone behind was an excellent choice, it seems. The Finnish firm today announced its first piece of hardware following the sale, and it’s a stunning iPad mini clone called the N1 that’s powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Photo: Beam Messenger

Photo: Beam Messenger

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably had the experience of waiting in agonizing anticipation as a friend or loved one takes frickin’ forever to type the next iMessage. And just like a watched pot never boils, an unsent iMessage (…) never seems to get sent… especially when someone has stupidly walked away from their iMessage with text in the field without clicking ‘Send,’

If you’re always waiting for people to get done with sending you messages, well, there’s an app for that. It shows you what people are texting, as they texting it.

Photo: Maurice Huang/Flickr CC

Photo: Maurice Huang/Flickr CC

New York’s Times Square is about to get one of the world’s largest advertising video screen billboards — and Google is its debut customer.

The screen is an epic eight stories high, runs an entire block, and is made up of a mind-blowing 24 million pixels. According to reports, Google snapped up the ad space the moment it became available and paid for an exclusive, long-term deal. The search giant will take over the screen on November 24, with an as-yet unrevealed campaign that runs through the New Year.

It’s not currently known exactly how much Google shelled out, but according to the owners of the megascreen, ad space costs an enormous $2.5 million for four weeks, making this one of the most expensive outdoor ads in the world.

Photo: Samsung

Look familiar? Here’s where Samsung’s beacon technology will be used. Photo: Samsung

Samsung just can’t leave Apple alone. When it’s not mocking the Cupertino company in ads, or pleading for its chip-making business, it’s stealing its ideas.

Today, Samsung announced two new creations rolling off its Xerox machine out of its R&D labs: an iBeacon-style proximity beacon technology, and an OS X Yosemite Continuity-inspired feature that lets users sling webpages, phone calls and much more from one device to another.

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