Samsung will reveal new shipping date for Galaxy Fold this week

Samsung’s boss Koh Dong-jin says that his company will announce its conclusion about the future of the Galaxy Fold this week.

Samsung has reportedly “reviewed the defect” highlighted in early reviews, and will announce its rescheduled launch plan in the U.S “in a couple of days.”

That would suggest that Samsung is still weighing up its options, but that fans should definitely expect the Fold in the near future. “We will not be too late,” he said.

Samsung has carried out internal inspection of samples that were damaged. This took place when a top protective layer of the main display was removed, or substances entered exposed areas on the phone. It is taking steps to avoid that being an issue for the launch models.

Samsung’s Fold challenges

“If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st, you order will be canceled automatically,” Samsung explained to U.S. customers in an email sent Monday night.

Many early reviews noted that the pricey $1,980 handset suffered serious screen problems. A subsequent iFixit teardown (which the website later removed at Samsung’s request) said that the problem was that Samsung had failed to include sufficient protection against debris between the device’s OLED screen and chassis bezel. Samsung also retrieved all units sent to reviewers.

To Samsung’s credit, at least these problems were spotted earlier. As a result, the Galaxy Fold is nowhere near the debacle that was Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. Still, it’s definitely not a good look for the company after it announced (and then changed) its initial shipping date.

Breakages notwithstanding, early reviews of the device noted that its execution did not live up to its potential.

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Source: Korea Herald