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Google Photos isn't all good. Photo: Google

Google Photos isn’t all good. Photo: Google

If you tried Google Photos and decided it wasn’t for you, you may be surprised to find you’re probably still uploading images to the service. Android users have found that even after deleting the Google Photos app on their device, their images continue to be uploaded to their Photos accounts.

Pocket Casts has long been my favorite podcast player. Photo: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has long been my favorite podcast player. Photo: Pocket Casts

The best podcast client on mobile is now available in your browser. Shifty Jelly has today made its Pocket Casts web player available for limited beta testing, and it delivers all of the awesome features you’ve long been enjoying on Android and iOS.


If you’re a frequent Android user, I’m pretty sure you have various accounts stored on your device that sync automatically several times a day, in order to provide you with up to the minute information the instant you open the app. However, you may not know that this process consumes an awful lot of your valuable battery juice. That’s why it’s important to control which applications sync spontaneously and which ones start configuring once you toggle the app.


Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android devices don’t have an iTunes or Zune alternative that helps them manage all their data in one place. But that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to sync your music, photos, and videos with your Android smartphone.

In the previous edition of our iPhone to Android switching guide, we explained how to transfer your contacts, messages, and calendar entries. In this one, we show you how to sync your iTunes music library, along with your photo and videos, the right way.


SwiftKey has broadened its horizons by introducing a new selection of cloud-based features, which comes a part of its beta version 4.2. Dubbed SwiftKey Cloud, users will be able to back up their personalized dictionary entries and predictions to the cloud and sync them across multiple devices.

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