SwiftKey Cloud Beta Has Launched Bringing Sync, Backup & More!


SwiftKey has broadened its horizons by introducing a new selection of cloud-based features, which comes a part of its beta version 4.2. Dubbed SwiftKey Cloud, users will be able to back up their personalized dictionary entries and predictions to the cloud and sync them across multiple devices.

The update also uses algorithms to gather information regarding a user’s most typed phrases, enabling the app to automatically update your dictionary with “trending phrases” based on local current events and the phrases popularity.

SwiftKey has implemented a Google+ sign-in option for its Cloud system, making it much easier for its users to automatically log into a common account on all of their devices as each Android devices require a Google account. Therefore, you will no longer have to repeatedly enter your Google account credentials.

There are also many new personalization options, with your consent SwiftKey will automatically adjust your typing style based upon your Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook history, hence meaning that the keyboard app automatically adjusts depending on your vocabulary, resulting in it being able to predict the next word you are going to type more accurately.

The beta is available to download by clicking the source link below, where you will be redirected to SwiftKey’s website.