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The gang’s all here: FIFA 16, NBA 2k16, and Madden NFL 16.Every jock gamer’s must-have games on the console that rules them all, and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it won’t cost you a penny — because we’re giving them away!

Entering is easy, so what are you waiting for?


Sky Go has today been updated to add support for the latest flagships from Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Motorola. The app now works on the Galaxy S4, the HTC One, the Xperia Z, and the RAZR HD.


WatchESPN, the Android application that allows sports fans to stream live games to their smartphones and tablets while they’re on the go, has finally been ported to Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets. The app is free to download and use — providing you already have a supporting ESPN TV subscription — and it delivers access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU.

As long as sports have existed, so have sports-related injuries. One injury in particular that has managed to capture the spotlight over recent years, is of course, the concussion. Head injuries, particularly concussions, have become a serious issue in both professional and youth sports.

Don’t start your fantasy without checking out these great apps.

The NFL pre-season games are almost upon us with the regular season not far behind. If you’re a fantasy football fan, that means it’s time to join a league (if you haven’t already), research and plan your draft choices, and pick the apps that you’ll use over the course of the season to track all of your key player and team stats as well as to manage your team.

The right tools can make or break a successful season. Here are some of the best apps out there for iOS and Android that can help you keep track of everything and manage your team’s lineup on the go.

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