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Google has pulled a fake BlackBerry Messenger app from Google Play after it was downloaded by over 100,000 users who thought it was the real thing. The app was called “blackberry messenger bbm,” and it was created by a developer called “RIM.” But all it did was install icons, bookmarks, and more from advertising network StartApp.


Apple and Samsung are the only two smartphone manufacturers currently seeing any growth in the United States. The pair are slowly eating away at the market share held by their rivals, including LG, Motorola, Research in Motion, and HTC. In the three months leading up to November 2012, Samsung increased its market share from 25.7% to 26.9%, but Apple is catching up with the Cupertino company enjoying slightly more growth.

Samsung continues to do well in the U.S.

Samsung has once again taken the top spot for mobile market share in the United States after attracting more than a quarter of mobile subscribers. The Korean company claimed 26.3% of the market as of October 2012, but rival Apple is quickly catching up. The iPhone maker saw the highest level of growth among cellphone manufacturers, and managed to overtake LG to take second place.