Samsung Takes Top Spot In U.S. Mobile Marketshare, But Apple Is Catching Up [Report]

Samsung continues to do well in the U.S.

Samsung has once again taken the top spot for mobile market share in the United States after attracting more than a quarter of mobile subscribers. The Korean company claimed 26.3% of the market as of October 2012, but rival Apple is quickly catching up. The iPhone maker saw the highest level of growth among cellphone manufacturers, and managed to overtake LG to take second place.

Apple now claims 17.8% of the market share, according to the latest data from comScore MobiLens, while LG claims 17.6%. Apple saw the most growth overall with a 1.5% points increase, while Samsung was the only other manufacturer to see growth with a 0.7% points increase.

LG, Motorola, and HTC dropped 0.8, 0.2, and 0.4 percentage points respectively.

As you might expect, Google’s Android is winning the smartphone platform war, claiming 53.6% of smartphone subscribers. Apple’s iOS claimed 34.3% of subscribers, while Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform claimed a 7.8% share. Microsoft claimed just 3.2% with Windows Phone, while Symbian claimed 0.6%.

Only Android and iOS saw growth during the three-month period, while the other platforms all lost percentage points, according to comScore’s data.

While Samsung’s devices continue to sell like hotcakes, then, Apple’s iPhone continues to see the most growth. While it may seem unlikely that the Cupertino company will eventually claim the top spot, it’ll certainly continue to nip at Samsung’s heels.