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Google is part of a global consortium that plans to install an undersea cable linking the U.S. and Japan to provide faster and more reliable Internet to Asia. The search giant hopes its “FASTER” project will make Google services more accessible to billions of people.


NEC became the world’s first and only smartphone manufacturer to launch a liquid-cooled handset back in May, but it may quickly lose that claim later this year. According to some sources, a number of high-profile smartphones makers, including Apple, Samsung, and HTC, will be launching their own liquid-cooled devices in the fourth quarter.


NEC has some pretty crazy ideas when it comes to smartphone design — as we discovered when we checked out the dual-screen Medias W at Mobile World Congress back in February. And its latest offering is just as outlandish.

Meet the Medias X 06E — the world’s first smartphone with a water-cooled CPU.

NEC-Terrain-ATTThe BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry’s first smartphone to combine a physical keyboard with its new operating system, has gone on sale in the U.K. this week, and according to the early reviews, it’s going to be a winner — for those who like phones with physical keyboards, at least.

But it appears the NEC Terrain for AT&T wants to spoil its party by giving keyboard users an Android-powered option.

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Quick: What’s better than one screen? Two screens, of course. Or so says NEC with its funky new Android 4.1-powered Medias Tab.

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