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Having sold its handset business to Microsoft, Nokia has plenty of time on its hands to devote to other projects (probably). The Finnish firm has already announced that it will invest $100 million in car connectivity, and according to a new job listing on LinkedIn, it also has plans to bring back Here Maps for Android and iOS.


Getting free apps and services with a new smartphone isn’t rare; handset makers often use freebies to encourage consumers to adopt their latest product. But Samsung’s $600 “Galaxy Gifts Package” that comes bundled with its new Galaxy S5 is worth talking about.


Zula, the communication platform that connects professionals when they’re on the move, is now available on Android. It provides users with all of the tools they’ll need to stay in touch with colleagues while they’re away from the office, including support for group conference calls, document sharing, and good old instant messaging.


LinkedIn — the social network for professionals — had just released its 2013 list of Most InDemand Employers. Surprise, surprise — Google and Apple are at the top of the list. But other tech companies are having a hard time keeping up.

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Everyone’s favorite digital rights crusaders Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have just released an annual report, ranking the biggest companies in tech for who does the best job protecting your data from being rifled through by the Federal Government.

Google’s really good about it. Apple? They’ll give away all your emails and data if the government just breathes on them, and they won’t bother telling you about it either.

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