EFF: Google Will Protect Your Data From The Government, While Apple Will Betray You

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Everyone’s favorite digital rights crusaders Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have just released an annual report, ranking the biggest companies in tech for who does the best job protecting your data from being rifled through by the Federal Government.

Google’s really good about it. Apple? They’ll give away all your emails and data if the government just breathes on them, and they won’t bother telling you about it either.

The EFF’s report tracks the privacy policies of many large companies, especially in regards to how companies potect your data from the Feds. Does a company give away your data without a warrant? Do they tell you if the government comes snooping after your data? Will they go to court to protect your rights? And so on.

Shamefully, Apple won’t do any of those things for their users. According to the EFF, they’ll gleefully give away your data even without a warrant, and certainly won’t tell you about it if they do.

About the only thing Apple actually does do that EFF thinks is positive is they fight for users privacy rights in Congress, which seems a little backwards considering they will betray your privacy in a blink without a warrant.

Companies that did well in this regard according to the EFF? Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Google. They’ve all got your back. Apple doesn’t.