Google & Apple Are The Best Employers To Work For


LinkedIn — the social network for professionals — had just released its 2013 list of Most InDemand Employers. Surprise, surprise — Google and Apple are at the top of the list. But other tech companies are having a hard time keeping up.

Based on LinkedIn’s 238 million users, the social network found that while Google and Apple are still the top 20 tech companies in the 2013 list, Microsoft and Facebook have slipped to fifth and sixth place. Amazon, however, broke into the top 10, and Spotify made the list at number 99, despite its miniscule number of employees.

Here’s the 20 tech companies in the 2013 list:

1: Google
2: Apple
5: Microsoft
6: Facebook
7: Amazon
23: Twitter
38: VMware
39: Oracle
44: Electronic Arts
53: Adobe
55: HP
59: Razorfish
60: Cisco
74: Netflix
84: Red Hat
85: Samsung
89: Siemens
90: IBM
99: Spotify

Anyone want to hazard a guess what this list will look like a year from now?