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In a surprising move, Apple and Google have decided to drop all lawsuits charges against each other as reported by the Wall Street Journal, ending a long court-room battle. The agreement contains all of Apple’s patent battles against Motorola Mobility, which Google inherited when it purchased the company a couple of years ago. 

Back in August, Google-owned Motorola Mobility sued Apple for violating 7 of its software patents. Motorola accused Apple of infringing on patents relating to everything from location-based reminders to email notifications.

Now The International Trade Commission (ITC) has thrown out Motorola’s claim that the iPhone violates a patent on “a sensor that prevents accidental hang-ups,” according to Bloomberg. Motorola’s proximity sensor patent has been deemed invalid by the ITC for the second time, and it looks like Motorola won’t have much luck at appealing the decision.

Thankfully, it’s been some time since I’ve written about an Apple patent lawsuit, however, that doesn’t mean they’ve magically disappeared. The latest in Apple’s crusade against Google (via Motorola Mobility), leads us to a U.S. District Court in Madison, Wisconsin. Apple was slated to go up against Motorola Mobility with allegations of unfair licensing practices, however, Judge Barbara Crabb has dismissed Apple’s lawsuit with prejudice — meaning the case is over at the trial court level.

The ongoing patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has resulted in both parties having their products shelved in South Korea — courtesy of a judge’s recent ruling. With a slap on the wrist, the South Korean judge sent both companies on their way and empty handed.

Transformer Prime: Hasbro’s hip toy or an ASUS tablet? That’s the confusion toy maker Hasbro hoped to eliminate when it set out to bar sales of ASUS Transformer Prime in a lawsuit filed last year. Today however that seems to be settled, as PaidContent reports that the judge has come back with a ruling, saying that Asus is clear to sell the tablet. The judge didn’t think that the name would cause confusion:

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