Court Rules In Favor Of Apple In Ongoing Patent Lawsuit With Google’s Motorola

Back in August, Google-owned Motorola Mobility sued Apple for violating 7 of its software patents. Motorola accused Apple of infringing on patents relating to everything from location-based reminders to email notifications.

Now The International Trade Commission (ITC) has thrown out Motorola’s claim that the iPhone violates a patent on “a sensor that prevents accidental hang-ups,” according to Bloomberg. Motorola’s proximity sensor patent has been deemed invalid by the ITC for the second time, and it looks like Motorola won’t have much luck at appealing the decision.

Motorola gave Bloomberg an official statement saying, “We’re disappointed with this outcome and are evaluating our options.”

Apple and Motorola are currently involved in multiple patent lawsuits in both the U.S. and Europe. Apple has said it is willing to license certain Motorola patents for the iPhone if the court agrees. A report back in November suggested that Apple and Motorola were looking to peacefully end their global patent disputes.

HTC and Apple recently entered a longterm licensing agreement. Hopefully a more peaceful path will be taken with Motorola as well.