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Motorola has begun selling a number of accessories for the Moto X ahead of its launch in the coming weeks. The company has teamed up with Griffin, Incase, and Power Support to offer cases, docks, and screen protectors — all of which can now be found on Motorola’s website.

Denim never looked better.

Discovering great headphones from a company that specializes in making bags was surprisng at first, when we reviewed Incase’s Sonic headphones late last year. A month later we were less stunned when we grunted in approval at their Capsule in-ear ‘phones during our budget(ish) canalphone shootout.

This time around we played with a new denim-clad version of the on-the-ear Incase Reflex headphones ($80) — which sit between the $150 over-the-ear Sonic and the canalphone Capsules — and came away with the impression that the Reflex may very well be the best bang-for-buck of the bunch.