Motorola Now Selling Cases, Docks And Other Accessories For Moto X


Motorola has begun selling a number of accessories for the Moto X ahead of its launch in the coming weeks. The company has teamed up with Griffin, Incase, and Power Support to offer cases, docks, and screen protectors — all of which can now be found on Motorola’s website.

There are two cases to choose from, both of which are made by Incase. Prices start at $29.95 for a basic plastic Snap Case, and there’s also a Pro Shell version for $34.95 that also offers a rubberized frame made of hard plastic that promises to increase grip and durability.


Both cases are clear, enabling you to show off the design you chose for your Moto X, but you can choose different colored frames with the Pro Shell Case.

Motorola is also offering a number of screen protectors and films from Power Support. You can choose from anti-glare and plain old clear screen protectors for $14.95, and there’s also a “shock-absorbing film set” that “protects your screen from breakage” for $19.95.


Finally, Motorola is selling two docks from Griffin — one of which, the Navigation Dock, is built for the car; while the other, the PowerDock, is designed for your desk.

The Navigation Dock is priced at $39.95 and it has a suction cup that sticks to your windshield. When you stick your Moto X in it, it automatically activated the Car Mode for voice-activated, hands-free use while driving. It’ll hold your Moto X while it’s naked, or while it’s inside a case, and the ball and sock arm lets you easily adjust viewing angles.


The PowerDock, also priced at $39.95, is a good-looking device that you’ll keep in your home or office, and it charges your Moto X while it’s not in use. It offers a “comfortable viewing angle,” and it accommodates cases up to 2mm thick.

Some of these accessories — such as the screen protectors from Power Support — are available to order now, while others are “coming soon.”