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Not content with making displays, memory chips, storage, and whatever else for rival handsets, Samsung is reportedly looking to take on Corning’s with a shatterproof Gorilla Glass alternative — currently code-named “Turtle.”

Who knew you could crack walnuts with a Samsung Galaxy S6? Photo: S6 Tester/YouTube

Who knew you could crack walnuts with a Samsung Galaxy S6? Photo: S6 Tester/YouTube

Should an Android app instructing people how to chop walnuts ever get developed, don’t be surprised if the first order of business is this: Place walnuts on surface of Galaxy S6. Then begin smashing nuts with another S6.

A pair of YouTube videos showing people using their S6 to crack walnuts may be a commentary on the durability of the Samsung phone versus say a certain smartphone that some say bends over time in a tight pocket.

Both videos end with the hands of the nut smasher flipping the phones screen up and turning them on to show they still work. Before you halt your search for your misplaced nutcracker, it is not known whether the videos are the products of pranksters using some sort of visual trickery.


While Apple will likely be credited for making sapphire smartphone displays popular with the iPhone 6 later this year, it certainly isn’t the first cellphone maker to have used these super sturdy screens. In fact, we could just see a sapphire-screened smartphone from Kyocera before the next iPhone makes its debut.

The leaked image above shows the new Kyocera Brigadier, a new handset that’s said to be en route to Verizon.

Huawei Valiant

MetroPCS, the largest prepaid service in the U.S., has officially announced that it will carry Huawei’s latest ultra-affordable Android smartphone, the Valiant, which is available to purchase from the carrier’s website as from today.


mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS — Cat isn’t normally known for its smartphones, but here at Mobile World Congress, the company has unveiled the new Cat B15 — a rugged, Android-powered device that’s almost begging for a good beating. Built from anodized aluminum and shock-absorbent rubber, the device will withstand drops onto concrete, as well as water, dust, and extreme temperatures.

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