Samsung wants to be king of the jungle with Gorilla Glass rival


Not content with making displays, memory chips, storage, and whatever else for rival handsets, Samsung is reportedly looking to take on Corning’s with a shatterproof Gorilla Glass alternative — currently code-named “Turtle.”

According to the report, which appeared on Chinese social media, Samsung intends for the scratch-resistant glass to not just be used on smartphones and tablets, but also TVs and smartwatches. Since Samsung is currently reported to be working on a foldable smartphone — code-named Project Valley — it is also rumored that the glass may be able to bend without breaking.

If true, this is a smart move for Samsung — which is broadening the number of components it can make for other manufacturers at a time when its own smartphone sales are declining.

It’s not likely to be viewed quite so positively by Samsung’s rivals, though. Last year, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou lobbied to get A9 orders taken out of Samsung’s hands on the basis that Samsung poses a massive risk to other companies who make a variety of components.

If Samsung does make Turtle a reality, it would almost certainly try and sell Apple on the material for future iPhones and other devices — thereby establishing another big source of revenue going forward.

Via: GforGames