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Photo: Samsung

Photo: Samsung

Over the past few years, Samsung has been following up its flagship devices with Active variants that are tougher and more robust than the originals, and sources say that the South Korean company plans to do the same for the Galaxy S6.

But this time around, those who buy the Active edition won’t get a watered-down handset with lesser specifications, because the Galaxy S6 Active is expected to be just as exciting as the original on the inside.


Samsung has today announced that its set up a new trial program designed to let potential customers try out some of its latest Galaxy smartphone and smartwatch devices completely ‘free’ of charge for a 21 day period whilst they decide whether or not to purchase the product in question.

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Sprint today announced yet another new Galaxy S5 variant called the Galaxy S5 Sport. The device is identical to its siblings on the inside — with the same Snapdragon 801 processor and 1080p Super AMOLED display — but it sports a textured form factor for increased grip and physical buttons for easier navigation.


We’ve seen brief glimpses of the Moto X+1 in recent months, but the latest is a five-minute video that gives us a hands-on look at the device’s software and design changes. Although it isn’t vastly different from its predecessor, the device does appear to have slightly slimmer bezels and a more rounded form factor.


We’ve already seen one new variant of Samsung’s latest flagship in the new Galaxy S5 Active — and now we await its “mini” sibling. According to one leaker, that’s the device you see in the photographs above and below. It looks identical to its big brother, only smaller — as its name accurately suggests — and it borrows a number of its most exciting features, including the Finger Scanner and water-resistant form factor.

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