Moto X+1 video shows off design and software changes


We’ve seen brief glimpses of the Moto X+1 in recent months, but the latest is a five-minute video that gives us a hands-on look at the device’s software and design changes. Although it isn’t vastly different from its predecessor, the device does appear to have slightly slimmer bezels and a more rounded form factor.

The video comes from TK Tech News — the same YouTuber who leaked the new Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T weeks before its official unveiling. The Moto X+1 featured in the clip reportedly came from a Motorola employee, so the device is covered in Saran wrap to hide identifying marks.

We don’t get a great look at the handset’s design in this video, then, but according to TK, it has slightly slimmer bezels, an improved display and more-rounded corners. Motorola also appears to have made some improvements to its physical buttons, modifying the layout slightly and making them “metal or ceramic.”

TK promises that other Moto X+1 videos are on the way, so we hope to get a better look at the design of the device — as well as a comparison with the original Moto X — in those.

We cannot confirm the authenticity of this device, of course, but given TK’s track record, we have no reason to doubt it’s genuine.