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Don't get on a plane with a Wi-Fi hotspot named "mobile detonation device." Photo: Qantas

Don’t get on a plane with a Wi-Fi hotspot named “mobile detonation device.” Photo: Qantas

Everyone knows you shouldn’t say “bomb” on an airplane — and it should be just as obvious that you shouldn’t name your wireless gadgets ridiculous things, either.

A simple Wi-Fi hotspot sparked terrorism fears on a recent Australia-bound Qantas plane because someone thought it would be a good idea to name it “mobile detonation device.”


The FAA has today announced that it will finally allow the use of certain electronic devices during all phases of flight — including takeoff and landing. We’ve long been able to use devices while the plane is in the air, but you’ll no longer be forced to turn them off and put them away at certain times.


US Airways has launched its official app on Google Play, authorizing passengers access to boarding passes, travel itineraries, and Admiral Club locations throughout the U.S., directly from their Android smartphone or tablet. Users will also have the ability to search for the ideal flight, making it possible to plan and book a trip straight from their mobile device.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will relax the blanket ban on some personal electronic devices below 10,000 feet. Essentially meaning that you may not have to worry about turning off all of your gadgets until you reach a safe altitude, anymore.


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – What do a four-rotor, remotely-piloted vehicle, touch-screen car audio and a little, Bluetooth-armed facsimile of a plant stem have in common? Not much. Yet they’re all concoctions from French-based Parrot; the latter is their newest gadget, a sensor-laden gardening device they’ve named the Flower Power.

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