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While Google Play has been pretty stingy with its free app gifts, Amazon has been holding down the Free App Giveway Fort on Android with weekly promos similar to Apple’s App of the Week freebies. This week, rather than giving away just one app, Amazon is giving away 10 of its greatest hits, including Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, SwiftKey, Paper Camera, World of Goo, and more.

To get the freebies all you need to do is hit up this Amazon Appstore promo page on your Android device. Or you can use the individual links posted below:

When you think of hugely successful mobile games, Cut the Rope from ZeptoLabs is right up there with Angry Birds; it’s been a big hit on Android and iOS. With that in mind, we’re super excited about ZeptoLabs’s next game, Pudding Monsters, which it’s now teasing with a brand new trailer.

The popular puzzle game follow up Cut The Rope: Experiments has been keeping Om Nom fed for quite some time, but many of you have been running out of experiments to perform. Thankfully, ZeptoLab has pushed out an update to challenge our wits and feed our precious Om Nom. The latest update features:

ZeptoLab recently updated their Cut The Rope app on both Android and iOS with a new DJ Box featuring 25 vinyl-scratching levels. Om Nom has been sitting idle long enough and he’s hungry and ready to party. These additional levels should keep you busy for about an hour and then it’s back to waiting. Other features included in the new update include:

Welcome to Monday’s Apps For Kids, a new Cult of Android feature where we take a look at kid-centric apps. Many of us are parents with kids who seem to know their way around our mobile devices better than we do. With the Google Play Store having over 400,000 apps, it can be quite a daunting task trying to find apps appropriate for our young tech enthusiasts. With Monday’s Apps For Kids, we hope to make that task easier by suggesting an array of topics and apps that have been kid tested and parent approved. So grab whatever crayon is lying around and get ready to write down a few apps worth checking out.

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