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Cloud storage is incredibly, almost unbelievably convenient. But it can also be incredibly expensive, which makes this opportunity from Zoolz all the more exciting.

Right now you can get five years of 100GB of top notch backup for whatever you’re willing to pay. Or, beat the average price to get 500GB.

Robin sports a design that's recognisable, so long as you're not on Sprint or Verizon. Photo: Nextbit

Two major carriers won’t get the instantly recognizable Robin smartphone. Photo: Nextbit

In a move that will come as a surprise to anybody who backed Nextbit’s successful crowdfunding campaign, the company has cancelled the CDMA version of its Robin smartphone.

Nextbit cited its inability to fully understand the costs involved with getting a smartphone onto Verizon’s and Sprint’s CDMA networks, as well as the lengthy approval process that would be required. Nextbit CEO Tom Moss said the company was simply “too optimistic, too bullish” when setting out on its CDMA journey.


Don’t wait for your computer to crash before thinking about backup solutions. Act now; it’s really not as complicated as it may seem.

Genius Rescue installs on your computer and works quietly in the background to backup your files. It’s that simple. From there, access your files anytime from any device, or restore any file in case of disaster.

It’s a no-brainer, and with lifetime access at just $49 for a limited time, you’ll have peace of mind from now until forever.


Earlier today, Google announced that it was slashing the monthly price for its additional Google Drive storage space. Customers will continue to receive the standard 15GB completely free of charge, but if you find yourself requiring more space, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you now have to pay that little bit less in order to get it.


If you’ve turned to storing your digitals in the cloud, then you may consider picking up your next smartphone from Amazon, which is currently giving customers 50GB of free Cloud Drive storage with selected Android-powered devices.

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