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We appreciate the effort, really.

We appreciate the effort, really.

In a world where app discovery is a never ending battle, it’s nice to see developers working on ways to help us all find apps that correspond to our actual interests.

Appreciate is one such app, and its developers don’t want to be the typical recommendation engine, with key words, advertising, or hype ruling the day. What Appreciate wants to do is help you get discover personal, relevant apps for Android right on your device.

With all the junk floating out there at the Apple App Store and Google Play (Android users, you get the nastier end of the shaft in this case), it’s no wonder good apps can often go undiscovered and neglected, withering pitifully under a heap of flashy debris.

One way to find diamond-in-the-rough apps — or apps that actually do what you want them to — is to regularly read blogs like either of the Cult twins. But there’s another way, and it involves using an app discovery tool like Hubbl.

U.S. Facebook users should start seeing Facebook’s new App Center when they log into Facebook via the web, Android app, or iOS apps. Facebook’s new App Center is less of an “App Store” and more of a central location for Facebook users to discover new apps. In reality, it’s just a way for Facebook to keep users in Facebook or using Facebook integrated apps.