Hubbl Cuts Through The Clutter To Find Apps You’ll Want [Daily Freebie]

With all the junk floating out there at the Apple App Store and Google Play (Android users, you get the nastier end of the shaft in this case), it’s no wonder good apps can often go undiscovered and neglected, withering pitifully under a heap of flashy debris.

One way to find diamond-in-the-rough apps — or apps that actually do what you want them to — is to regularly read blogs like either of the Cult twins. But there’s another way, and it involves using an app discovery tool like Hubbl.

Hubbl leverages several key social media technologies or practices to give you ways to find what you’re looking for. For instance, there’s a way to search for apps that other Hubbl users have tagged with a term that’s relevant to your search; for instance, if you search for “photo editing apps,” all apps tagged by Hubbl users with “#PhotoEditing” will show up. The app also lets you see what your friends have recommended through. There’s even Channel tab that lets you see which apps popular blogs (ahem) are talking about right now.

Hubbl is free to download at the iOS App Store and on Google Play, or visit the Hubbl website.