Appreciate Wants To Be The Pandora For Android Apps – Only Better

We appreciate the effort, really.

We appreciate the effort, really.

In a world where app discovery is a never ending battle, it’s nice to see developers working on ways to help us all find apps that correspond to our actual interests.

Appreciate is one such app, and its developers don’t want to be the typical recommendation engine, with key words, advertising, or hype ruling the day. What Appreciate wants to do is help you get discover personal, relevant apps for Android right on your device.

With this free download, you’ll get a daily stream of app recommendations based on what you already use and like the most, along with what your friends and other power-users you follow like. Even cooler, Appreciate will tell you why (or why not) each app you look at is a good match for you.

The app is powered by complex algorithms which include your own user behavior, “big data,” and social networks to help you discover things that fit your own needs and interests.

“Everyone knows it is hard to navigate through the apps jungle to find the best ones for you,” said CEO Amir Maor in a statement. “We created Appreciate to surface those apps that are great for each individual, beyond the best sellers or best advertised. Appreciate delivers a personalized stream of highly relevant apps and also personalizes any app profile for each user to highlight – with a match score showing why they may or may not like them.”

The developers promise that if you compare your Appreciate recommendations to any other user who also uses the app, you’ll see two totally different streams of discovered apps, which says a lot.

Bottom line, any system that changes up the way we find cool new apps that match us as people is a good thing. While I hope the algorithms here work better than the ones in Pandora do, recently, I don’t see any downside in personalized app recommendations.

Appreciate is free on Google Play, so you don’t have too much to lose to check it out, either. Plus, it’s got that cute little marshmallow-on-a-cushion icon, right?